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#FacileHack 2017, 10 days later

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Ten days ago #FacileHack 2017 came to its conclusion; this was the second edition of the hackathon organized by Holding an event of this kind has allowed us to see, work and discuss with many very diverse teams, made up of programmers, designers and marketers. The hackathon’s theme for this year was connectivity: our site offers the comparation between internet access services, and we have decided to put this at the center of the competition.

#FacileHack 2017, 10 giorni dopo

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Dieci giorni fa è terminato #FacileHack 2017, la seconda edizione dell’hackathon organizzato da Tenere un evento di questo genere ci ha permesso di vedere all’opera e di confrontarci con tanti team molto eterogenei, composti da programmatori, designer e specialisti del marketing. Il tema dell’hackathon di quest’anno è stata la connettività: il nostro portale propone la comparazione dei servizi di connessione ad internet, e ha deciso di porre questo al centro della competizione.

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The enemies of programming As many of you will agree with me, sleep deprivation is the enemy of programming. Maybe we fear only one thing more than that: being interrupted. While writing code we have to think really hard, we use complex abstractions, we go through long business workflows and so on… fatigue and interruptions are the main enemies of those in this line of work. My experience On my day job, I do all this mental juggling on a pretty big project, which is based on PHP 5.5, Symfony 2.8, Doctrine etc.; luckily, in this project we use a good deal of good practices, and automated software testing is one of those.

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Almost like a nice tradition, we went to the PHP Day conference this year as well; this time too it was held in Verona, on May 13th and 14th. We participated and attended numerous talks and, as last year, we wanted to write a light summary; this won’t be a full “review”, but our intent instead is to highlight what captured our interest most, or what we found more valuable for our everyday work.

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As you may have noticed, we went through a bit of a restyling in the last few days, and our blog changed a lot in terms of appearance and structure. We are very happy with those changes, but the reason behind this transition is not just a simple template change. What we were searching for Before, we were using an hosted CMS to run the blog, Ghost. We were happy with the results, it wasn’t our concern to administrate the server or bother about other hosting stuff.