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Marta Gilberti Marta Gilberti avatar

10 minute read

Let’s face it, being a technical writer (especially in Italy) makes you feel a bit like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother: no one knows what your real job is. If you’re a tech writer, we bet you have at least one relative who, at every family gathering, asks you “What do you exactly do for a living?". In the most desperate cases, even your mom doesn’t know what your job is!

Carlo Cappai Carlo Cappai avatar

5 minute read

When we write a client to integrate an API in our systems it is important to test it to be sure we can handle every possible response. Guzzle client provides a very simple way to mock external APIs responses: Guzzle Mock Handler. This tool provides a mock handler that can be used to fulfill HTTP requests with a response or exception by shifting return values off of a queue.

Andrea Maccis Andrea Maccis avatar

11 minute read

Imagine you need to use a fixed numeric value in your code, let’s say 20000. It is what we call a literal constant, that is a value that will always remain the exact same in your code.
Now imagine you need to use that value more than once. Sooner or later you will read your code and you will not remember what 20000 was, it will happen for sure. But what if you assign the value to an immutable variable with a meaningful name? Let’s say something like this: