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Stefano Tenuta Stefano Tenuta avatar

14 minute read

During these months at I had to face many challenges regarding the improvement of CI/CD pipelines for the Insurance team, with a strong focus on performance and reusability. The focus on these topics is very important as it allows us to follow GitLab best practices for CI/CD such as the fail fast principle.

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10 minute read

Let’s face it, being a technical writer (especially in Italy) makes you feel a bit like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother: no one knows what your real job is. If you’re a tech writer, we bet you have at least one relative who, at every family gathering, asks you “What do you exactly do for a living?". In the most desperate cases, even your mom doesn’t know what your job is!

Carlo Cappai Carlo Cappai avatar

5 minute read

When we write a client to integrate an API in our systems it is important to test it to be sure we can handle every possible response. Guzzle client provides a very simple way to mock external APIs responses: Guzzle Mock Handler. This tool provides a mock handler that can be used to fulfill HTTP requests with a response or exception by shifting return values off of a queue.