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Like clockwork, on May we head up to Verona to attend the phpDay conference; this time it was on May 12th and 13th. We met a lot of new people and known fellow PHP developers, and like previous years, we wanted to write down a light summary; like the previous ones, this won’t be a full “review” of the conference, but an highlight of the talks that captured most of our attention, or what we found more valuable for our everyday work.

#FacileHack 2017, 10 days later

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Ten days ago #FacileHack 2017 came to its conclusion; this was the second edition of the hackathon organized by Holding an event of this kind has allowed us to see, work and discuss with many very diverse teams, made up of programmers, designers and marketers. The hackathon’s theme for this year was connectivity: our site offers the comparation between internet access services, and we have decided to put this at the center of the competition.

#FacileHack 2017, 10 giorni dopo

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Dieci giorni fa è terminato #FacileHack 2017, la seconda edizione dell’hackathon organizzato da Tenere un evento di questo genere ci ha permesso di vedere all’opera e di confrontarci con tanti team molto eterogenei, composti da programmatori, designer e specialisti del marketing. Il tema dell’hackathon di quest’anno è stata la connettività: il nostro portale propone la comparazione dei servizi di connessione ad internet, e ha deciso di porre questo al centro della competizione.

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Mancano meno di 4 giorni alla seconda edizione di #FacileHack, la maratona dedicata a coders, creativi e marketing specialist organizzata dalla nostra azienda che si svolgerà a Milano presso il Talent Garden di via Arcivescovo Calabiana. Attesa grande partecipazione all’evento anche da fuori Italia, le registrazioni sono state chiuse per sold-out all’inizio di questo mese. In meno di 24 ore gli hackers partecipanti dovranno confrontarsi, mettendo a dura prova le proprie capacità fisiche e creative, per presentare un’idea o un prototipo in grado di ottenere il punteggio massimo della giuria di qualità.

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Here at we are constantly dealing with a lot of forms: we use them to collect various information and data needed to feed our in-house comparing algorithms. These forms could be really complex, having multiple rules and dependencies between fields, and they are likely to be changed and tuned frequently. When I joined, a lot of forms within the Android app needed to be updated or modified and sticking with the existing strategy would have required me to do a lot of work just to add or remove a simple field.