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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on June 14, 2024.


Big project management

What really matters?

by Stefano Bosio

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This presentation explored the primary technical hurdles of managing large IT projects, including technical challenges, planning, time management, technical debt, documenting, testing, and rollout strategy.

We explored the challenges the speaker’s team faced while managing a large project to learn how they overcame them and what they learned. Together, we looked into the challenges, chosen solutions, and main takeaways.

Contribution ladder

Creating community and sharing knowledge

by Leonardo Podda & Alessandro Lai

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In the world of open-source projects and community-driven platforms, the term “contribution ladder” is frequently used, but what exactly does it mean? This talk introduced the term, explained the concept, and explored its main aspects.

The contribution ladder is an organizational structure that outlines different levels of contribution and influence on software projects. It is particularly well-suited for front-end and back-end libraries that are dependencies of business applications.

The contribution ladder defines roles, responsibilities, and expectations to help participants understand how to contribute to a project and how they can grow within the community. Participants that start at the lower steps of the ladder can advance as their project involvement evolves. In this way, the contribution ladder encourages growth, aims to create a community, and fosters knowledge sharing among contributors.

Solid foundations for solid growth

Core IT competences

by Domenico Briganti (

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The speaker has worked with human resources on selecting IT candidates for quite some time now. Sometimes he comes across what he considers to be important gaps among candidates with a high level of experience.

In this short presentation, we saw an overview of the protocols and technologies that a developer (but not only a developer) must know in order to grow well in this wonderful world.

The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

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