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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on October 13, 2023.


The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

Machine learning

Machine learning pipelines at real-rime use case for mortgages

by Marica Castaldo & Santolo Tubelli

Machine Learning Pipelines at

In this talk, we presented a real-time machine learning use case within the mortgage industry. The use case aims to assist call center operators by recommending the most-suited banks for each customer. Besides, we deep-dived into the key features of the internal framework that we as Team Data developed to speed up the delivery of machine learning systems.

Open Telemetry

Observability with a library and standard open-source

by Stefano Giurgiano


We got the grips with OpenTelemetry, a collection of APIs, SDKs, and tools used to generate, collect, and export data for analyzing software performance and behavior. We saw how this standard open source for observability is structured, and how we can use it to be independent of services such as NewRelic while trying to reduce the infrastructure cost and figure out new opportunities. We tried to integrate it into our codebase with a little effort.

Second Brain

Build your knowledge repository

by Antonello Calamea

Second Brain

As a knowledge worker, your knowledge is your most important asset.

Think about when you need to approach a new development paradigm, a new technology, or learn a new domain, and imagine having an ecosystem of tools that allow you to capture, organize, and retrieve information, whatever the source or type. Imagine being able to compose, link, and reference your knowledge, obtain new knowledge, and generate all sorts of deliverables while doing it better and in less time than having to start ‘from scratch’ each time. If you are familiar with the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and use it, you will find compelling synergies with this ecosystem of tools.

In this talk, we explored the concepts behind a Personal Knowledge Management System (PKMS) that enables you to understand what it means to manage information, discover how to generate value from it and learn the basics so that you can start building your knowledge repository. We used Obsidian, one of the most used tools in this field. Nonetheless, everything we saw is tool-independent to give you the freedom to implement the system that best suits your goals and brings you the most value.

The archive of all Venerdì Protetto talks is available here.

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