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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on January 12, 2024.


The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

AI journey

From silos to AI enterprise

by Yuri Mariotti, Innovazione.AI

In this talk, we delved into the principles, preliminary steps, and macro-phases of a profound AI transformation in which digital best practices become the foundation of a new type of enterprise, capable of improving in (almost) every aspect thanks to the horizontal and vertical integration of Artificial Intelligence.

Helm-based charts

Introducing Helm-based charts

by Alessandro Manno,

In this talk, the DXCP team introduced Helm-based charts, a set of Helm library charts for managing Kubernetes applications.

Helm-based charts group common use cases among applications and simplify and expedite the deployment process by providing standardized and reusable components. The key advantages of Helm-based charts are centralized maintenance, uniformity in deployments across projects and teams as well as prevention of effort duplication.

After the introduction, the team presented a demo project aimed at creating project charts using helm-based charts.

Software architecture

Event-driven architecture

by Sandro Toma & Alessandro Cagnetti, Solace

Event-driven architecture

Organizations want to digitally transform themselves to have real-time activities and be responsive to customer needs or market dynamics. In this respect, it has become increasingly important to adopt the Event-driven architecture or EDA approach. At the heart of an event-driven architecture is an event broker. There are four main characteristics, in terms of capability, to consider when choosing an event broker technology:

  • Continuous information distribution

  • Flexible deployment

  • Enterprise-level management and governance

  • Ecosystem richness

In this talk, we discussed the concepts we have just defined, going into technical detail on the various aspects of a modern Event-driven architecture, thanks to the experience and different use cases that Solace has gained over many years in this regard.

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