Venerdì Protetto | February edition

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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on February 9, 2024.


The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

Software and open source

Software is about people, not about code!

by Enrico Zimuel (Elastic)

Software is about people

In this talk, we explored the activities involved in a software development process and the resources needed to create a good product. Software is an intangible thing and the risk of complexity is always present, even in a few lines of code. Simplicity is the key and the KISS principle should be the guide. In order to survive in a software project, automated tests are a must. But in the end, the most important part of a software project are the people. We cannot build good software with unhappy developers. That means a health environment and good salaries.

Software is about people, not about code!

Software architecture and cross-functional requirements

Getting the most important requirements right

by Matteo Vaccari (Thoughtworks)

Software architecture

Developers may tend to focus 100% of their attention on “functional requirements”.

In this talk, I try to argue that first, those are not really “requirements”, but rather are solution ideas. Second, I assert that the cross-functional requirements (CFR) are the most important ones, and I hint at a more precise and actionable way to think about CFR than what I usually see.

Software monitoring

Monitoring is a crap if you don’t know how to do it

by Valerio Barbera (

Software monitoring

In this talk, we dived into the technical aptitude and strategic assessments required to understand how to manage complexity in software development projects, focus on the Developer Experience, and choose the right tools to set up the right monitoring strategy for your team and keep customers happy to work with you.

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