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Here at we are constantly dealing with a lot of forms: we use them to collect various information and data needed to feed our in-house comparing algorithms. These forms could be really complex, having multiple rules and dependencies between fields, and they are likely to be changed and tuned frequently. When I joined, a lot of forms within the Android app needed to be updated or modified and sticking with the existing strategy would have required me to do a lot of work just to add or remove a simple field.

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Premise Java is an old programming language. Version 1.0 was released in 1996 by Sun Microsystems and even though it has evolved and grown a lot over the past twenty years it is still carrying on some bad design choices such as null (ask Tony Hoare), primitive types or lack of a proper function type. With the last version of the language (Java 8) Java tried to address some of these problems introducing concepts such as Optional or lambda expression.

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The third edition of Droidcon IT was, as expected, a great conference, full of interesting talks and people coming from all over the world. We saw a lot of GDEs (Google Developer Expert) and also some Developer Advocates from Google, although it was not organized directly by the company. Back in March the Android team surprisingly released the brand new N Developer Preview earlier than expected, so this year we were already able to talk about the new features in Android N and analyze them.