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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on Jun 9, 2023.


The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

Async API Initiative

AsyncAPI Initiative: Async APIs and Event-Driven Architecture

by Filippo Andrighetti

AsyncAPI Initiative

Working with Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is difficult, especially when you need to retrieve documentation of the messages sent, find who is consuming or publishing a specific message, and so on. What if there was a specification that allows developers, architects, and product managers to define the interfaces of an async API, as OpenAPI does for REST APIs?

AsyncAPI is an open-source initiative that seeks to improve the current state of Event-Driven Architecture. The long-term goal is to make working with EDAs as easy as working with REST APIs. That goes from documentation to code generation, from discovery to event management. Most of the processes you apply to your REST APIs today could also apply to your event-driven/asynchronous APIs.

In this talk, we presented the main concepts behind the AsyncAPI specification, the tools we can use to save time, and a small example.

Generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence: A Practical Primer

by Alessandro Vitale

Generative AI

In this talk, we delved into the world of Generative AI, defining its place in the broader AI landscape and exploring the capabilities and applications of Large Language Models (LLMs).

We discussed the underlying principles behind Generative AI and highlighted its practical use cases, from question answering to code generation. We covered emerging patterns with which LLMs are being integrated into larger software applications.

Additionally, we addressed the risks associated with Generative AI and provided some recommendations on how to mitigate them.

User Stories

Unveiling the Power of User Stories: Essential Techniques for Successful Software Development

by Olegs Belousovs

User Stories

Explore the transformative potential of user stories in Agile software development. This talk covered the why and how of user stories, including their origins, benefits, and common templates.

We discovered the 3 C’s framework for effective story crafting and the INVEST principle for actionable stories. We also gained insights into user story mapping, splitting, and refinement techniques.

Attendees left equipped with practical knowledge to leverage user stories for improved collaboration, iteration, and successful software development.

The archive of all Venerdì Protetto talks is available here.

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