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This page contains the abstracts of the talks held during the latest Venerdì Protetto on September 8, 2023.


The overview of Venerdì Protetto is available here.

Code Shipping

Ship it! From your laptop to production multiple times a day

By Luca Florio, Spotify

Shipping code

We all love to ship our code to production as fast as possible. But how to ensure (well, kind of) that we are not breaking stuff?

In the talk, we explored how to implement a CI/CD pipeline to bring the code from our laptops to our servers in the cloud in a safe way. We covered testing, PR review, infrastructure as a code, canary analysis, and all the safeguards that make it hard to take our service down by mistake.

Oh, and we need to keep it up and running after we deploy it as well. That is important, too, right?

Community Tools

A place where we can meet

By Giovanni Cardamone, Facile.it

Community tools

Community Tools is an initiative to create a unified community within Facile.it. The key points are improving, having fun, and bringing value to everyone.

The initiative focuses on introducing new tools to the company to build a nicer working environment and better integrate into the “Facile lifestyle”. Every community member can make a difference by having a space to communicate and compare with others.

Community Tools is also a place to find new stuff and learn from each other’s work. New workflows, programming languages, and methodologies can be experimented with freely and without deadlines to build everything you think is missing.

Quix Streams Library

A Python-Kafka connector for data-intensive workloads

By Thomas Neubauer, Quix

Quix Streams Library

This talk introduced Quix Streams, an open-source Python library for data-intensive workloads on Kafka.

We discussed the unique problems that this library is designed to solve and how it was shaped by the challenges of building a Kafka-based solution for Formula 1 cars at McLaren. This solution needed to process a colossal firehose of sensor data coming in at thousands of samples per second. We also explained why we combined a Kafka API approach with a stream processing library and provided developers with a familiar Pandas DataFrame-like interface.

We saw the library in action with a sentiment analysis demo. In this demo, we calculated sentiment scores for incoming messages in a demo chap app, all in real-time, using the HuggingFace Transformer’s API. In the end, we connected to Twitter streaming API to send a high volume of data into the pipeline to simulate this use case at scale.

We saw how the library can simplify tasks such as:

  • Subscribing to topics and deserializing incoming messages into table rows.
  • Running calculations on a rolling window of messages.
  • Using memory states to apply different functions such as aggregation or filtering.
  • Automatically outputting the results of calculations into downstream topics.
  • Managing state without the hassle of checkpointing and queues.

The archive of all Venerdì Protetto talks is available here.

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